Sunday, November 28, 2004


Live Oak Pils

Alright, I am going to start off this little thing with an in-depth rambling about one of my favorites - Live Oak Pils. This pils, brewed in Austin, Texas, is best drunk straight from the tap (by coincidence, this is the only way you can get it) from somewhere that has relatively high turn-over. My favorite is the Draught House.

This beer, unlike many of the German 'pils' I have drunk out of a bottle that has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long, starts very clean and crisp with citrus undertones, almost fooling you into thinking you are sitting somewhere in the sun enjoying a wheat beer (like when I had my first hefeweizen - a two-loonie, 20 oz. Hoegarden while sitting on a small neighborhood bar patio in Vancouver, B.C., on a 70-degree sunny summer afternoon - a beer I will never forget). The foolin' stops there, though, when the hops hit you. They don't hit you in the face like an American ale - these hops almost sneak in under the radar of the crispness, the crisp- and hop-flavors mingle for a bit, then the hops show their true colors.

Drinking this beer is like eating a fine meal - every drink (bite) you take, you will taste something new. Every time you order this beer, you will experience something new - try drinking it after a nice English bitter. You will thank me.

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